Valentines Week newsitem *Whispering thru Keyholes*

Please view this letter, and accompanying videos.  & help me to get several love messages aired  as news items this Valentines week to the beautiful people I met recently, in a psychiatric hospital.

I apologise for the messy presentation.  I am weak at the moment 🙂

There are many people whose hearts  will be touched by this  sharing of humanity..  I know because I worked in many hospital throughout my life,  meeting many similarly fated people.  Vowing every working day to bring an end to their suffering .  I now find myself in a position that people have hystericly begged me, to help them, after sharing a hospital facility with them for the past two weeks, and being set free.

I am committed with my love.  I AM helping !

I have  listened to them no less than scream to me down the phone,  begging me to help end their 24 hour torture, in health care.  They have gathered in groups and pleaded, discussed, problem solved and screamed again for help.  Strangled themselves in Tv lounges, bean beaten on public view,  watching thier friends run around, screaming in fear.  Their eyes have rolled in the backs of their heads with hysteria, watching violence, drip down bloodied walls.  They’ve been woken either by alarm bells or big men at thier windows.  Turning on the lights every 15 minutes as they slept.  What human can endure this ?  Particulrly when pregnant.

They begged me to help.  I am still in shock, but I am trying my hardest.

Please assist.



Dear News reader –

I would like to make a request from my heart, and the hearts of 15 beautiful young women, for your assistance in sharing love messages, over the course of Valentine’s week.

I wondered how I could ever convey my story to you, so that you could consider even the possibility of assisting me, and thought the best way to do it is with a video.  One teling my story so far, and how I met 15 beautiful Angels in a psychiatric ward.

They have each and individually asked me to help them with what is commonly experienced as 24 hour a day suffering in hell.  We have committed to help each other by being as calm, and loving as we possibly can and sharing this amongst each other.

The following is a video, excellently portraying my own journey into hopsital. Ironicly the love videos that Iwish to share this Valentines week, are also vidoes, used against me as evidence  to place me in hospital care.  I know the girls will laugh a lot when they see them.  They  also  serve as the best way I know to convey love messages, through a very tiny keyhole.

I would like to share Love* with those still in hopsital, allowing them to know that I am here.  I care.  I love. We may sing and dance, even in the war zone.

& set our selves free, no matter what 🙂

Thank you

From: [] On Behalf Of Sue
Sent: 10 February 2011 13:25
To:;;;; Craig Giffard; Michael Hayman; Richard;; Richard Minshall; Fairchild, Mark; McKenna Mark;; Rebecca Tonge; Straker Penelope (DEVON PCT);; MS GYPSY;;; Bennetts Deborah (DEVON PARTNERSHIP NHS TRUST);;; Hopkins Richard (DEVON PCT); Evans Kathy (DEVON PARTNERSHIP NHS TRUST); Jon;;;;; Robert Friedman; Branka Končar;;;
Subject: Fwd: recordings health and social care abuse. Patients begging for help

audio files, together in a zip file.

From: J
Date: Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 1:50 PM

this is a copy of an email sent to Ian Josephs.

he has a website containing information about the state of the social services in England

link to website..

For the attention of Ian Josephs.
I am writing on behalf of a friend (Sue
Holland), who is currently being held against her will “involuntary
hospitalisation”, at a London Cygnet hospital. This follows on from a
2 year fight with the Social Service after her daughter’s case was
poorly dealt with. I believe that this ‘hospitalisation’ is an effort
to undermine and dissuade Ms Holland from taking further actions
against the SS and authorities.
The details are…
On Monday 24th Jan 2011, Ms Sue Holland was taken from her home
(Devon, UK) and taken into – “involuntarily hospitalisation”, in a
private London hospital, Cygnet Hospital Beckton.
Sue has been a close friend and colleague for several years, and in my
opinion she was not a danger to herself or the public, or exhibiting
any signs of psychiatric disorder. Another friend and colleague Mr
Richard Herbert, (an NHS mental health care manager), can also attest
to Ms Hollands condition.
Over the past 2 years Ms Holland has been investigating and making
enquiries into possible child abuse in the Devon area, this was
regarding her own daughters treatment at a local private school and
the social services refusal to co-operate with Ms Holland in any
investigation, resulting in the child being taken into care.
I have concerns that the hospitalisation of Ms Holland may be
motivated by the authorities desire to hide evidence and dissuade Ms
Holland from taking further actions.
Ms Hollands treatment in the hospital has been disgusting, she has
been left to wear urine covered clothes for several days, without
access to fresh air, or adequate access to liquid refreshments. After
several days new clothes where provided for Ms Holland, however they
were too large. Sue has now been informed as to the reason for the
detention, of which include, self neglect, sending emails alleging
abuse, drying clothes over the oven, having a strange arrangement of
mirrors in the living room, being agitated by several police and
doctors coming into her bedroom in the middle of the night, and being
agitated during a psychological assessment.
There are a number of issues as I see it.
1. the unwillingness and neglect on the part of the authorities to
co-operate and attend to the serious questions and concerns of Ms
Holland regarding the abuse allegations.
2. the apparent ‘harassment’ of Ms Holland by the authorities
supposedly in place to protect and serve members of the public. this
is refering to remarks made by the SS and the private school regarding
Ms Hollands state of mind.
3. the wrongful detention of Ms Holland, for, as i see it, persisting
in the effort to establish truth and justice.
4. the mistreatment of Ms Holland whilst held in secure confined
quarters, eg. not having access to fresh air and clean clothes,
adiquate liquids, being subject to violent conditions and exposed to
unnecessary risk and stress, under the label of ‘Health Service’.
I understand there is a lot of complex information here, and it may
take some time to digest it all. If you feel you are able to assist in
any way, please get in touch.
Ms Sue Holland is contactable via
Cygnet Hospital Beckton
Hooper ward
23 Tunnan Leys
E6 6ZB
Tel: 020 7511 2299
Fax: 020 7511 3399
She has told me that she will soon be moved to a new location, we do
not yet know where this will be.
Thank you so much for your time.


Forwarded conversation
Subject: For Immediate & Rightful Intervention

From: healing millions <>
Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 11:38 AM
To:, Craig Giffard <>, Michael Hayman <>, Richard <>,, Richard Minshall <>, “Fairchild, Mark” <>, McKenna Mark <>,, Rebecca Tonge <>, “Straker Penelope (DEVON PCT)” <>,, MS GYPSY <>,,, “Bennetts Deborah (Devon Partnership NHS Trust)” <>,,,

Dear Health Ombudsman, Chief of Police, Mel Stride.  Michael Hayman, Richard Porritt and all others in recepit of this email. Please investigate immediately and urgently and afford appropriate legal measures to address GROSS and recurrent ABUSE,  through any monies that I may have on account, legal aid, and standard measures offered by customary government protective and investigatory services..

Thank you

This information is so painful, I can barely write it down.  But I am unable to facilitate assistance even in the simple act of recording a  voice message to a solicitor, or other ” body” without resistance and ultimate failure.

So,  I am trying my best to write.  But I am utterly presently ” fucked” and make no apology for this fact. Nor for my humanity.

Letter from Terry Grace Mental health manager ?  April 2009

Following a meeting with Mrs Susan Holland and her supporter “Richard”, earlier this week, I would wish to provide you with the following clarification on behalf of Devon Partnership NHS Trust for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities:
We understand that Mrs Holland daughter is currently in the care of the local authority and that events leading up to this happening involved a member of DPT, Pauline Weston, Community Psychiatric Nurse, sharing her view that Mrs Holland was “psychotic”. This seems to have been shared at a meeting with Social services and Sands school and may have contributed to opinions about Mrs Holland’s mental health and parenting abilities?

We wish to clarify that Ms Weston was not qualified to diagnose Mrs Holland as psychotic, which would have required medical assessment by a Consultant Psychiatrist. Mrs Holland has not received any medical assessment or diagnosis by any employee of Devon Partnership Trust and the view expressed by Pauline Weston is therefore unreliable with regard to any opinion about Mrs Holland’s mental health at that time.

We wish to apologise to all parties concerned for this error.
Mrs Holland has informed us that she has since been assessed by an independent Consultant Psychiatrist appointed by the Family Court and you will be aware of the outcome of that assessment.
Mrs Holland has told us that she believes her daughter is a victim of emotional abuse by her teacher at Sands School and that this has damaged her relationship with her daughter. She has also told us that she believes her daughter is still subject to abuse as a result of the care arrangements she is currently experiencing, and that she has made a formal complaint to Devon Social Services which is currently under investigation.

Our meeting with Mrs Holland was at our request to acknowledge the misinformation Ms Weston contributed to past events and to offer our apology, which has been accepted.
I trust this clarifies the situation and please feel able to contact myself of our Clinical Team Leader, Tim Francis, should you wish to discuss further.

Yours sincerely

Terry Grace
Assistant General Manager
Wellbeing & Access

Please see section 2 papers composed following the actions of Tim Francis, after a second meeting with him, myself, Richard Herbert -Health professional, witness and friend, and Deborah Bennets   – Jan 20011.

At my second meeting with TIm Francis we discussed acquiring a public enquiry into evidenced, witnessed and partially admitted emotional abuse of both myself and my entire family, along withchildren in Devon Social Services care and Sands school.  Including investigations into the police, family courts, CAFCASS, several solicitors, medical professionals and other government and private individuals.

Four days after this discussion eight legal and medical persons entered my home whilst I was in bed.  Injured my neck, bruised my body ( again ), handcuffed me, refused to let me pee, and took me to a police cell for a mental health assessment to determine whether I was mentally ill.  This interview, including police officers, is on cell footage. And despite 15 minute, 24 hour assessment, even when sleeping in bed I am still deemed as not expressing signs and symptoms of psychosis, violent, self harming behaviour, nor any other mental illness.  Non the less they wished to keep me in  PSYCHIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE UNIT for longer, IN ORDER to determine whether I might be mentally ill.

I was detained IN A POLICE CELL, then driven in a blacked out private ambulance, with 3 carers to a private Psychiatric Intensive Care clinic for violent, self harming people with a diagnosis of mental illness, as it was determined I could not be managed in the community, nor anything but the most secure mental health setting in London.  Where I was prohibited from contacting persons to inform them of my  “Abduction” from my bed with nothing but a pair of shoes, jeans and a cardigan.  Discover why my Mother was in hospital and contact her, or deal with the impending reposssession of my home.Where I was left without underwear, toiletries and could not brush my teeth for a week, nor change my clothes, without one hell of a war.

The reasons for this section include –

– The resurrection of information falsely spread by Pauline weston 2008.  Brought back for professional discssion 2011, despite being determined as inaccrate and damaging – ? April 2008

– Having clothes drying on top of my oven, due to having a broken boiler for 3 years, and no heating.

– Having a mirror ” unusually” placed, facing a window

-Allegedly being underweight at size 12, and unrecognisable by my GP

-Having made a complaint about my gp for ignoring both my general and mounting medical needs and my ability to protect my family from partially admitted and acknowledged abuse.  Something my GP then denied knowledge of in the police cell.

– Being unkempt

-Allegedly not taking iron tablets, despite 2 requests for repeated prescriptions on GP records.

-Being ” paranoid ” about police involvement in my life, despite injuries on my medical records, folowing visits from the police. Including a prescription for iron, after bleeding for 2 months when previously, unnecessarily and extremely damagingly, arrested whilst trying to inform my daughter of my Father’s death and visit him.  With ? 48 police contacts on record since 2008

-Having knocked a hole in a bedroom wall to let in both heat and light, into what was once and undertakers office where the dead were laid to rest.

– Sleeping behind my sofa , to assist my neighbours in witnessing false, unnecessary, deeply damaging intervention from police and other professionals.

-Some other utterly stupid shit which I forget.

Police have now falsely evidenced that I have kicked and spat at them – I never have.  That I was sexually inappropriate and spoke about alien abduction in the police cell – I did not.

A doctor has determined me sexually vulnerable after being raped 20 years ago.  Deeming it necessary to keep me in a violent facility, where I have watched people physicly violated by staff, and I have been kicked, and repeatedly punched in the head.

The evidence is on CCTV footage.  Staff have repeatedly assaulted and emotionaly abused patients at the CYGNET hopsital Beckton.  I am informed the NHS pay 800 pounds a day to keep patients in their private care facility.  And that there are approx 500 other similar hopsitals through cygnet.

Thankfully an insightful and humane psychiatrist, with a modecum of intellect assessed me during a 7 hour tribunal and saw through the bullshit, allowing me to return home.  I AM IN SHOCK  at the concentration camp facility I have been forced to exist in for weeks.  I am asking for this matter to be dealt with appropriatly and humanely.

I have had doors closed in my face, been repeatedly igored, or spoken to with contempt or agitation.  I have watched staff assault clients.  Medicate them for singing, Allow them to headbang repeatedly night and day.  Turn on lights waking patients every 15 minutes.  Lay in bed listening to 3 radios surrounding me and playing night and day.  With a tv on 24 hours a day, bright lights that can not be turned off, and restricted access to a caged outside area to smoke.  I have sat in urine and faeces, vomit and blood.  Walked in it and smelt of it for weeks.  With no alternative offered.  I have looked at blood left on walls from headbanging.  Seen mounting cigarette burns on patients heads, after they could not find a way to express the experience of being placed in an environment of 24 hour alarm bell ringing, patient running and screaming like animals in distress.  Being shouted at, pounced upon, injured and injected night and day. DESPITE one patient being 8 months pregnant ! Utterly placing both Mother and baby AT RISK

I have no intention of re reading this letter as it is too painful.  I beleive I have expressed enough to merit a thorough, humane and rightful investigation into GROSS ABUSE.

Cygnet hospitals require instant and immediate investigation.  As do Sands school, devon children’s services and others.  The abuse of my entire family, and all others in the ” care ” system must stop.  NOW.

Thank you.

S Holland

Ps I refuse service intervention from my GP Dr RIchard Hopkins, but am evidencing my situation on my medical records via his contact address, as I have no other access.

From: healing millions <>
Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:17 PM

Dear David

Firstly I would like to thank you for your extraordinary genius with regards to my self.

I am forwarding a letter, sent this am.  I would like to ask whether you could take one further action on my behalf and forward it to the equally extraordinary gentleman – the independent doctor, whose name I have regretably forgotten.

Thank you

Sorry to be different

Sue 🙂

My love videos, for fellow patients – starting with one of the videos used in court as evidence against me.  🙂

And another one –

And yet another one –

One for the Angels that I met whilst working in a similar hospital in Bermuda

Lets –


And finally, one Iwas prohibited from airing.  Breaking my heart, yet again.  I have decided to air it. No man will stop me being in my heart, with my love 🙂



Ps Malka would like somebody to tape her plea for help, over the phone. It is very distressing to hear, but she needs to release this.  I don’t have recording facilities.

Her number is 020 75112299

ty from Malka.

further information available on facebook   Devas Ona – The book of faces.  A book written backwards by facebookers

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2 Responses to Valentines Week newsitem *Whispering thru Keyholes*

  1. godskyseyes says:

    They bought me jogging bottoms, to replace my one pissy pair of trousers. The only thing Isaid that I didn’t want was jogging bottoms. Anything else would do, but not them. They bought me a pair non the less. Size 16. After admitting me for being underweight. It wasn’t vanity, or anything faintly womanly that aused me to prefer pissy pants to jogging bottoms. I just wanted to keep my wits about me, with something sturdy against my skin, not clothes that insisted I slouch. I wanted my wits. That was all. Some sky, a smile, birds. Simple things 🙂

  2. godskyseyes says:

    I really do believe that when a patient’s immediate response when asked about hospital care, is a curdling scream. That some things could be changed.

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